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University of Oviedo

In 2008, the University of Oviedo celebrated its 400th Anniversary. Since it was founded by the Archbishop Valdés Salas, it has kept its commitment to service to Asturias according to the core values of the society throughout History. From this perspective, the University of Oviedo, one of the oldest in Spain, works to obtain national and international prestige for the quality of its teaching and research, and the excellence of its services.It identifies itself with the European Higher Education Area principles. As a consequence, one of its firm targets is to promote research activities and teaching renewal during the next years according to the quality standards required by our society.


The aims of the University of Oviedo are as follows:

  • Creation, development, transmission and critical analysis of science, technology and culture.
  • Preparation for conduction of professional activities demanding knowledge and application of scientific methods and techniques, in addition to artistic creation.
  • Scientific, professional and artistic specialisation in doctorate and postgraduate studies.
  • Social diffusion of science, techniques and culture through university extension activities and continual training.
  • Scientific and technical support for cultural, social and economic development, preservation, conservation and improving the environment.
  • Promotion of cultural, sporting, and economic activities in the University Community.
  • Encouraging open training for members of the public, promoting a critical attitude and participation in the University and throughout society.
  • Defence and promotion of peaceful dialogue and mutual respect as a form of relationship between people.

Viesques Campus
Laboratory, Campus of Viesques - Gijón (Spain)


The University of Oviedo has had official recognition as a Campus of International Excellence(CEI) dating from 26th November 2009. Ad Futurum Project. From XVII to XXI Projecting our Tradition to the Future, with which the Asturian academic institution achieved its accreditation. Some lines of action in this strategic plan are specialisation, knowledge transfer, internationalisation, reorganisation of the campus and competitive teaching and research.

The Campus of International Excellence is a programme which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, as part of the University Strategy 2015. The objectives of this programme are to modernise the Spanish university with the aim of placing it at the highest international level. The initiative seeks to improve universities through strategic plans which ensure the best position in the field of worldwide higher education.

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